Saturday, September 29, 2007

Creativity: A Daily Dose- Day 26

This week has been CRAZY! I'm so sorry if anyone has checked in to see my newest creations and there hasn't been anything! I'm almost caught up now, so today I will be posting lots!

Day 26- use your scraps to make a tag

I have TONS of scraps! I never throw anything away. I'm sure some people would think that I'm crazy for keeping some scraps---but this assigment proves that I kept them for a reason! Tags and cards are a great way to use up your scraps and still create something good. I created this tag with scraps from another assignment last week. I plan to create a page using the earlier tag with a photo and this one for the journaling. For the background I will place the 8x10 photo from the photo shoot. Hopefully I can complete it soon since I have all the pieces all set--makes for an easy layout!

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