Thursday, September 6, 2007

Creativity: A Daily Dose- Day 6

For today's task we were to create and decorate a door hanger. This was a fun, out of the ordinary, project for me. Since I couldn't see myself putting a door hanger out during just "any" time of year, I made mine seasonal. I love to decorate for Christmas and I just got this amazing Piggy Tales-Jack and Jill paper. So mine has a Christmas theme to it. I really wanted to stamp a sentiment on it, but I don't have any Christmas stamps (yet!). Maybe if I find something I can remove the stickers and replace it with something else (not to crazy about the stickers--can you tell??!!). I have plans to make another one for Halloween, but didn't get around to it tonight. I, again, have the PERFECT paper for it! Very fun! Enjoy!

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