Saturday, September 1, 2007

Pencil Lines Sketch #47

Here is a layout I created using the sketch provided this week at I love that I could use multiple pictures in this layout. It captures some great expressions of all the boys. Here's what the journaling says: Father's Day 2006. Hangin' out with Dad on the back deck. My boys!


Me :) said...

The picture of your little guy putting his face up to the camera makes me laugh. My little guy does that all the time. It drives me crazy! My camera won't focus when he does that. So, I scoot back and he scoots toward me again. Glad to see someone else's kid does that, too. Kids are funny, aren't they?

Gigi said...

oooh love the l/o!!! like how you put "dad" right on the pic...& you are right! that pic of your little boy is so cute!!! my four year old does the same thing all the time! we should start a support group for out of focus little boys..LOL!!