Monday, October 22, 2007

Creativity: A Daily Dose- Day 30

Over the weekend I FINALLY finished the last of my "Creativity: A Daily Dose" class from September! During the coarse of the class we were given daily photo assignments. Each day we were to take a picture of various things in and around our life right now. On day 30 we were to put all these pictures together in a little brag book. All together is makes a fun little "A month in the life of Me" book. Some of the pictures seem totally random and strange, but it really represents what my life is at this moment. I would love to do this again year after year to see what kind of changes take place. 20 years from now I will look through this album and it will bring back so many memories like..."Man, I hated that sink!!!" or "I can't believe I did that!

Inside Cover Page:Back:

Here is a list of the daily photos in the album:
1. Kitchen Sink
2. Something that's been passed on to you.
3. Around town--a photo taken while you are out and about.
4. Phone
5. Favorite Color
6. Something music related
7. Book Collection
8. Kitchen Counter
9. View of Backyard
10. Favorite local eatery
11. Your mantel
12. "Work in Progress"--An ongoing project in your home.
13. "Blast from the Past"--An older "something" that you are in possession of.
14. Kitchen utensils/collection
15. Snack time
16. Your front door
17. Typical evening
18. Extra room in your home
19. Living Room
20. Closet
21. Dinner in progress
22. Movie Collection
23. Typical morning
24. Something in your bathroom
25. Something that represents the season
26. A typical chore
27. The outside of your home
28. Another hobby besides scrapbooking (yours or someone else's)
29. Your purse
30. You!!!

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leah said...

I really like this idea! What a fun way to record some things about yourself. Thanks for the inspiration! :)