Friday, November 9, 2007

Giving Well: Project #2- Embellished Photo Mat

Hopefully my sister won't look at my blog within the next 2 hours because this is a baby shower gift for her! I love this! I took a plain 11x14 mat and had it cut for a 5x7 photo. Stamped a few flowers around the edges and added some rub-on words. Once the baby is born she can add a special picture of "baby Zach" in the frame. I'm super excited--I hope she likes it!! Aunt Sarah isn't excited is she???!!!

One cool feature to the class is that they also give you ideas on how to wrap your gifts! For the frame I added wire ribbon, brought it up through the center of a flower, and tied it off. I also continued the stamping theme on the frame and stamped Jenny's name on the wrapping paper. Just a couple extra elements really make the gift seem that much more special. AND--she can reuse the flower for something else!


Sher said...

Oh wow, great job on this!

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