Sunday, January 13, 2008


After many years of scrapbooking supplies crammed into bags scattered all about. I finally have a crafting space to house all my supplies AND a space to work! As my son said "It's a scrapbooking world!". Saturday my dad and husband transformed a spare closet to store all my scrapbooking supplies. I spent today painting and shopping for organizational pieces. I still have some work to do before it's completely done---but I have a "Scrapbooking WORLD"!!!! I'm super excited!!! I'd like to add a sheet of metal or corkboard to the back wall and peg board to the right wall. This will help get some tools off the tabletop for more workspace. I also plan to purchase a bunch of cropper hopper paper files to organize my paper (it's a crazy mess right now!).

Now I'm off to scrap!!!!!!

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Jamie said...

My name is Jamie. I found your site through the Memory Works message board. You mentioned something about your scrapbook closet.

Your space looks great. I have a Scrap Closet too. My husband transformed a little "mini" area for me this past May for my birthday. I love it.