Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!! Kinda a cheesy-Hallmark holiday, but it's a good excuse to tell everyone they are loved.......ahhhhhhhhh. I don't have a layout to show you today, instead I thought I'd give you a quick review of a movie!

Last night I went to see Juno with some friends. I rarely go to the theaters, but I love movies (it's the $9 a pop I can't deal with!!!). Juno was a GREAT movie! Definitely worth all the hype. I love sarcasm and this movie is FULL of it. The main character Juno (Ellen Page) is amazing in this role. She plays a 16 year old pregnant girl, but is far from your ordinary 16 year old. Lots of one liners---which at times made me feel a little old, but funny nonetheless. The opening credits were fun and artistic. Lots of folky music that I'm sure some found annoying, but I rather liked. I also loved that throughout the entire movie you were constantly seeing the high school track team running in their short shorts--very funny.

Anyway...check out this movie. I'm usually not an emotional person, but even I was choking up at the end--but this no way makes this a chick flick. Go see it!


Nicole said...

Sarah great review. I will check back in after I see it to compare notes. :o)

Nicole said...

Wow, I see it's been over a month, but I saw Juno today. I must admit that I too cried at the end. It was an excellent movie.