Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scrap Whispers

Exciting news!!!! I was selected to be on the design team for a new challenge blog--Scrap Whispers. I'm super excited! As many of you know, I LOVE a challenge! But, wait! This challenge blog is a little different. Remember that game you used to play as a kid? Where you secretly whisper a phrase to the next person sat in a circle, who then whispers it to the next person and so on? The last person announces the phrase out loud and this usually results in a completely different phrase than the one you started off with?! Well, thats basically how scrap whispers works too. Only with scrapbook layouts instead of a phrase!

Our first game will start next week. If anyone is interested in signing up please send an e-mail to: ASAP! Each whispers challenge will run approximately 2 months and then sign-ups will occur again. In between each whisper challenge there will be an individual weekly challenge. Stop on over and check it out!!!

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robin said...

awesome news, Sarah!!! :)