Friday, November 7, 2008

Scrap Whispers Update!!!!

Scrap Whispers has a new look! Stop over to the Scrap Whispers blog and check it out!

Also, sign-ups for the next Scrap Whispers round #2 is happening RIGHT NOW!!! This is your chance to participate in a super fun challenge. Here's the skinny:

What is Scrap Whispers?

Remember that game you used to play as a kid? Where you secretly whisper a phrase to the next person sat in a circle, who then whispers it to the next person and so on? The last person announces the phrase out loud and this usually results in a completely different phrase than the one you started off with?!

Well, thats basically how scrap whispers works too. Only with scrapbook layouts instead of a phrase!

How Does it work?

Firstly you sign up by sending an email to: with your full name, email address and a link to your blog if you have one. Each game will last for 2 months, after which we will open sign ups again. ---make sure to mention that I (Sarah) sent you!!!!!

You then get allocated to a team of other participants. In your team, you will have a team leader who will be a member of our design team.

Each main whispers challenge runs for 2 months in total and will be co-ordinated by your team leader. It will involve you scraplifting one layout that is passed to you. I start by scraplifing a layout and then I pass it to another member of the team. That person will scraplift my layout and pass it onto someone else in the team and so on.

At the end of the 2 months, team leaders will reveal all their team layouts in one go and you will be able to see the progression as the "whisper" got passed on! Its fascinating to see how the layouts change.

Its great fun to play and its interesting to see the whispers challenge layouts and how they each differ from the next. Plus, you get to make some new friends in your teams!

So----act now and sign up today!!!!!!

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Georgina said...

LOL I just realised that our new look matches the top you are wearing in your profile pic! LOL