Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monday, Jan. 12th Pictures

I had lots of fun taking pictures throughout the day yesterday for the 12 of 12. Here are my 12 photos. I can't wait to scrap them this weekend at my scrapping retreat!!!!
1. 8:00am: Cereal for breakfast
2. 8:45am-off to school!
3. 9:30am-kids playing

4. 11:30am- lunch (ham, peas, mashed potatoes and a biscuit!)5. 12:30pm- clean up time... 6. 1:45pm- kids are already home from school 2 hours early.7. 2:30pm- more snow......8. 3:30pm- my current reading selection "Ghostgirl"9. 4:00pm- letter time (painting the letter Q with Q-tips!)10. 5:30pm- Jack waiting for daddy to get home.11. 6:00pm- Adam rocks out to guitar hero12. 7:00pm- leftover broccoli and cheese soup for dinner.


Chelsey said...

This project is really neat!

Georgina said...

great photos Sarah - love seeing your day in pics. Made me smile to see the diet coke in the background of the breakfast one! :)

Shirley said...

You did a great job of documenting the day! Good luck with the project!

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