Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good-bye Mickey

I am so sad to announce that our 11 year old family cat died last night. Our family is just devastated over it. Mickey was such a great loving cat and he will be missed greatly. We are unsure what was really going on inside of him---probably cancer, not sure. He came down with some very severe anemia this past week and by the weekend had absolutely no energy and was in a lot of pain. It was a very hard weekend. He passed last night here and home--where he was comfortable. I'm glad that he isn't suffering anymore and I'm sure he's in a better place.

Things I will miss most about Mickey:
-his incredibly LOUD purring every time you pet him just a little bit.
-his massive weight laying around the house taking up the bed!
-his little squeak when he meowed.
-how tidy and always well groomed he was---his fur was the softest ever!
-how much he took care of Mouse our other cat (she's going to miss him soooo much!)
-his cuddly nature, always wanted to sit on your lap and be by you.
-the way he could make our 150 pound dog put his tail between his legs and run off crying.
-and most of all I'll miss my big fluffy pillow.

Rest in peace, Mickey!


Mara... said...

Oh Sarah! Big hugs to you and your family!!! I'm sure your sweet Mickey will me missed.

Shirley said...

Sarah this is such a hard thing and I feel so bad for you and the boys! Big hugs girl!

Cady said...

Sarah I have been there before I know how hard it will be...Sending you and your family my love...

Beth Perry said...

Sarah, I am so sorry to read this. I hope you are doing well and I am sure Mickey is watching over you now. :)

Chelsey said...

oh no! i am so sorry to hear about Mickey. losing a pet is so hard.

MyLittleTeapot said...

oh Mickey is so adorable! He is surely missed