Monday, March 23, 2009

New My Mind's Eye

You are going to LOVE all the new My Mind's Eye now in the MemoryWorks warehouse!!!!!!

Check it out:

Feeling Groovy
Tiny Dancer
Maggie May
Free Bird

French Flea Market



robin said...

adorable!!!! :) ...and do you have it all??

melody said...

i'm lovin that bellezo pp..YUMMY

Nicole K/GothamGal said...

Tiny Dancer is one of my favorite songs, and I think it's one of my favorite releases now.
I also like Maggie May.
Thanks so much for posting.

joni said...

Love MME!!! I did pick up the Bellezo, but haven't had a chance to play yet!

BethieJ said...

OH YUMMY!! I want it ALL!! hee hee!!

Chelsey said...

I love the Maggie May, but it was out of stock when I went to the website you provided. Is there anywhere else i could get it?

Karen said...

I have seen some of the new MME papers and grabbed a few sheets just yesterday. I also got a few of their new little acrylics stamps! So cute!!


SaScoma said...

If anyone doesn't like MME I'd say they were crazy!