Monday, January 18, 2010

"Still Alice"

"Still Alice" by Lisa Genova---**** (4 stars)
Harvard professor, Alice Howland, is a leader in the psychology field. She travels all over the world delivering speeches for thousands of professionals. She has three grown successful children and a brilliant biologist husband. Her life was perfect is almost every way. Then one day while out for a typical jog around the neighborhood, she found herself lost and disoriented. She also finds herself forgetting words and small little things everyday. She visits her doctor and finds something she had never expected.

This book takes you through a journey of a women in her early 50's experiencing early-onset Alzheimer's disease. Having a loved one dealing with the disease in my own life, this book really touched home for me. The book was very well written in the perspective of Alice. Watching her deteriorate throughout the book was almost more than I could handle. I found myself extremely overwhelmed with emotion several times. A definite must read!


Georgina said...

Sounds like a good book. I might see if I can pick it up in my bookshop tomorrow

Sarah Lou said...

Oh I had that in my hands today trying to decide wether or not to get it! Just surfed over. Loving your layouts!!