Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Summer Island"

I finished another book!!! After reading "Those Who Save Us", I decided to read a lighter, easier read. My friend had loaned me the book "Summer Island" by Kristin Hannah. This past fall I read "Firefly Lane" by the same author and loved it. I thought I'd give it shot!

"Summer Island" by Kristin Hannah--*** (3 stars)
This story starts out with a mom and a daughter. Nora, the mother, is living the high life as a successful radio and newspaper advice columnist. She is loved nationwide! Meanwhile her daughter Ruby struggles day-to-day as a comedian/waitress in Hollywood. An ugly divorce in Ruby's teens had separated mother and daughter long ago. A scandal is unleashed on Nora and sends them both back to their cottage retreat on "Summer Island", forcing them to face issues that were buried deep in the many years that separated them.

Love, family, heartache, forgiveness, and death are just a few issues dealt with in this book. It really made me stop and look at just how important my family is--no matter what struggles they have been through. While I never really felt a deep connection with any character in the book, it keep me interested and turning the pages. As with other Hannah books I could sense what was about to happen, but not exactly. It left me with a positive feeling, something that makes you feel happy after you read a good book. I look forward to reading many more books by Kristin Hannah!

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