Friday, February 19, 2010

"The History of Love"

"The History of Love" by Nicole Krauss--** (2 stars)
"The History of Love" travels through time following a manuscript. We are introduced to a man, Leo, who writes a novel for his long time love, Alma. Now many, many years later he is alone and struggling to survive day to day life. He even makes up ways for people to notice him--spilling coffee, posing nude for an art class, etc. Meanwhile, a 14 year old girl is on a mission to find her mother a mate. Alma finds herself trying to solve a mystery involving the book her mother is translating--The History of Love.

While I only gave this book 2 stars, I did find it very interesting. Each chapter was written (in various styles) by a different character in the book---all revolving around "The History of Love" manuscript. Because of this, the first half was very difficult to follow---moving through time spans, people, places, etc. By the end everything started to come together and I understood how everyone was connected in some way through The History of Love. The manner and wording that the author uses is very brilliant. Some people may like it better than others.

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