Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Presents Galore!

Well, Christmas is over.....whew! It is always a whirlwind 2 days. I think everyone enjoyed themselves (although I ate WAY too much food--especially cookies and candy!). I can't believe how many presents we all received! Santa spoiled us this year!

Favorite Christmas presents from 2007:


Panini Press sandwich maker (still need to return 2 others he received--I guess I need to make better notes next year!), luggage set, some brewing contraption, a Grateful Dead t-shirt, and a toaster. His real Christmas present came a week ago--a "super sweet" laptop with 17" screen. He's been in computer heaven for a week....


Cricut!!!!! I have been waiting for a month to play with it and now I finally can! I also received a bag from a daycare parent--yea!! Jenny gave me a couple things to put on my walls (they are in desperate need!!!!), jewelry from my mom, Fiestaware butter dish and gusto bowls, a UNI sweatshirt (wearing it right now!), and alphabet acrylic stamps. I can't wait to play!


Adam was super excited to find a Nintendo DS under the tree this year. He also received Heelies from Aunt Jen-Jen, a Pokedex and a Pokeball, lots of games--Battleship, Operation, Pokemon- Champion Island, and lots of DS games. I've challenged him to a game of Battleship later today....

Dylan too was super excited to find his very own Nintendo DS from Santa. Aunt Jen-Jen also surprised him with a REAL snowboard he can color on! He also received a couple paint sets, Nerf Dart Tag, a couple books, his very own Pierce Panthers t-shirt, and of coarse--an alarm clock (one of the ONLY things he asked Santa for--funny kid....).

Can't forget about Jack! He got a stuffed squirrel, a Kong bone, and a plastic "thing".

We took today off to relax and clean up the crazy mess that is scattered around the house. Hopefully tonight I can make some thank you cards with my new scrapin' stuff! I'll post pictures!

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leah said...

Looks like you had a great holidayl, Sarah! Congrats on the Bug! (and the super cute bag...)