Sunday, February 17, 2008

New camera!

I'm soooo excited---can you tell??? We got our tax return on Friday! Although most of it is going to pay off bills, we decided to splurge on one item---a NEW CAMERA!!! Our old digital camera is starting to loose some power. Every time I put new batteries in it, they die. I've been really looking into getting a camera with a little more features. Somthing that I could play around with and learn. I couldn't really afford a good digital SLR, so we went with a point and shoot camera with some added features. I think this will be a good step up and maybe in the future I can upgrade.

Here's what we bought: Canon Powershot s5 IS

We just picked it up last night so I haven't had a chance to play with it much. We did a lot of reading up on cameras and this one kept coming back to us with great reviews. It has a 12x optic zoom which should come in handy at school functions and sporting events. There are 3 different manuals to go through! It's snowing like crazy outside, so it's a perfect day to sit back and learn all about my new camera!!!

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Jenny said...

Looks like a nice camera!! Have fun figuring everything out! I don't like to read manuals...I think I take after Dad!