Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Last month I was invited to a Norwex home party. I'll be honest, I was very skeptical about these high priced "cloths". Not to mention a party for cleaning supplies?? Not your typical candle, jewelery party. Anyway, I went to the party (mostly for the free margaritas!) and was pretty surprised at what I found.

"All Norwex products support our company mission to improve the quality of life by radically reducing the use of chemicals in personal care and cleaning. With a commitment to effective cleaning, responsible care for the earth, and the power of information, together we can become a generation to leave behind a legacy of improved quality of life."

While I consider myself a "green" person, I'm not a fanatic about it. I recycle and reuse things on a day to day basis. I believe that "organic" is great, but I don't go out of my way to solely use organic products. However some of the Norwex products sold me and intrigued me more than I thought they would. Many of the products are pretty high priced so I decided to just try a couple items to start.
Basic Package: Antibac Enviro Cloth & Antibac Window Cloth

I decided to try out a couple of their more popular products: Enviro Microfiber Antibac Cloth & Window Cloth. I've had these cloths for just a week and I tell you what---I love them!!! I have used the Enviro Cloth for EVERYTHING! I've used it to clean off the kitchen counters, table, stove, walls, doors, sink, windows....seriously I think I could go on and on. What's amazing about these cloths is that you don't use any cleaning agent at all. Water. That's it. Water. AND it cleans just as well or even BETTER than my Comet or Fantastic would have. Actually, I haven't broke out my kitchen sprays at all in the past week. Just think of the money I'll save on cleaning supplies! (I get a little crazy when I save money....)

Tonight I've been invited to another Norwex party. Of coarse I'm looking forward to some free drinks and girl time, but this time I'm excited to try out a few more of their products. The problem is, there are so many products I want to try! Here's a few items on my wish list:

Bathroom Scrub MittAntibacterial Microfiber Kitchen Cloths

Microfiber Mop Starter Package

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